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Metro Traffic School is proud to provide customer service via Live Chat, Phone and Email. We have some of the highest customer service ratings in Florida. Here are some customer reviews left by our students.

Very happy with Metro Traffic School.
Jeff, my instructor, was very helpful. He made the information easy to understand and with his help I was able to pass the test.
Amazing experience
My instructor Eduardo is one in a million, he is the BEST at what he does. He made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. He is calm, safe and give you confidence in learning how to drive. I'm so glad I did! Eduardo is the VERY BEST!!!!!!
Spectacular driving instructor
Jeff was encouraging, calm, and extremely helpful. During the very first lesson he recognized all my strengths and weaknesses, and created a lesson plan. He helped me pass my driving test with confidence. Thank you to metro driving school and Jeff. I gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to Learn how to drive in a proper, understanding, and encouraging environment.
Very happy with Metro Traffic School.
My son just passed his driving test :) His instructor Eduardo Partal was very patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Very good learning experience
I very highly recommend Eduardo as an instructor. Not only is he very proficient at what he teaches, he also makes sure that the student is in a comfortable environment during the lesson. It was a very good learning experience as his student.
Fun and and calmed my nerves
Eduardo was very fun and and calmed my nerves about driving. Excellent and detailed driving instruction as well as flexible in scheduling. I would recommend Eduardo to anyone I know who needs to learn how to drive!
Professional and skilled tutor
Eduardo helped me in gaining confidence in my driving. Thanks to him I feel comfortable while driving now. I believe the packages are a bit expensive though.
Great Service
Very helpful my Instructor Eduardo Was Great Taught me Everything I needed to Know prepared me for my Road test I Learned How to Drive and passed my Road Test all within a span of less than 3 months Highly Recommend Metro Traffic School.
My kids loved their experience
BIG THANK YOU to Eduardo, an amazing instructor. He gave lessons to both my daughters & they both passed with no problems. From day 1, Eduardo showed professionalism, was curious & more importantly always on time. A great guy, teaches & makes it an enjoyable experience. If you're looking for an instructor, Eduardo should be #1.
Awesome instructor
Gina Green was a awesome driving school instructor very knowledgeable.
Very professional and innovative
Gina Green is a great instructor! Would recommend to someone else.
Gina GREEN class was very interesting. She made it very Good and fun.
Great instructor
Gina Green is a great and hands on instructor !
Fun and interesting class
She was great, made the class fun and interesting. If I had to, I'd come back here every time.
Highly Recommend
Gina Green is great . I would recommend this class to someone else !
Fun and playful environment!
Gina Green was very lively and made what should be a boring 4 hour experience into a fun and playful environment. I highly recommend her. I learned a lot and if I had to come back again I'm gonna wait for her.
Metro Traffic School is wonderful
My daughter's driving instructor was Eduardo. He was fabulous, very flexible and accommodating!! He made her feel so comfortable and she walked away feeling much more confident about driving. She passed her driving test and she has been on the road ever since.
Wonderful teacher
Green is a wonderful teacher, it was a very informative class. I recommend this class to anyone who need it.
Informative and engaging
I took the course on 7/20 at 1:30 PM. Ernesto was the instructor and was great. He was not only informative but also kept everyone engaged.
Amazing instructor
Eduardo was an amazing instructor. He was funny and made my son feel extremely comfortable. He taught my son everything he needed to know about being a great driver. I highly recommend requesting Eduardo for your child's driving lesson experience.
Great and friendly instructor
Eduardo was a great and friendly instructor. He made me feel safe and helped me boost up my confidence in my driving. I will always remember him as the person who taught me how to drive. Thank you Eduardo!!
Very professional and prompt
My son did the 10 hour block lesson with Eduardo and was very satisfied and pleased with the experience. Eduardo taught him well. The Metro Staff and Eduardo were always very professional and prompt in answering my questions on all occasions. My rating is beyond a 5.
Very happy with Metro Traffic School
I felt very nervous to take my son out for lessons. Now I am less anxious since he has gotten familiar with driving. Eduardo, the instructor, was very patient and very nice with my son.
Now feel comfortable as a driver
Eduardo was professional and had a relaxed personality. He helped my daughter feel comfortable as a driver. He gave her the knowledge and confidence she needed to become a successful driver.
Professional, fun and patient!
My instructor Eduardo was professional, cool, fun and most important patient in teaching me to drive for the first time. Thanks to this driving school I have confidence in being a safe driver.
Passed the test with 100%
I loved working with Jeff. He had the task of teaching my granddaughter to drive - you know the kid that knows everything and does not need help. Well, Jeff very patiently got her to understand that she did need help. She passed her test with 100%. I can not say enough about what an amazing man he is.
Very professional & understanding
My driving instructor's name was Jeff and he was amazing. Before my lessons, I had no driving experience. Jeff was very patient with me and never made me do something I was uncomfortable with. He helped me gain the confidence I needed to drive. I would recommend Jeff and Metro Driving School to anyone.
Smart and fun instructor
Took a 4 hrs class on April 6, 2019. great instructor mr. Jon Kelly. smart and fun. class went by quick. great location five stars all the way. will do again if necessary. thanks metro!!!!
They do their jobs well!
My instructor's name was Gary, and I'll be the first one to tell you WILL PASS if you get him. Gary is a very positive and well-respected man, and he helped both me and my brother get our licenses. Gary is everything you need an instructor to be. Overall, I would recommend Metro Traffic School to everyone trying to get their license because they do their jobs well!
Really good experience
The experience was really good. My driving instructor was Angelita Castillo and she was very helpful and patient and was a really good teacher.
Look no further
If you're looking for a great driving school look no further ..Greatest experience ever ... love how they teach and encourage people ...would go back again.
Amazing, A+
My experience with my teacher Jeff was amazing. Jeff is the kindest, most patient person I have ever met and he taught me to drive. I cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me. He is an A+.
Completely satisfied
I am completely satisfied and impressed with the professionals at the location in palm beach on military trail. The woman in the front named Yesica, was very helpful and informative. She was nice to everybody and very professional when the crowd came in and bombed her with questions. She helped me with getting the info I needed to complete my classes, thank u
Highly recommend
My instructor was Annie Fernandez, and she's very professional and she knows how to make you feel comfortable on the road and in your driving skills, she gave me all her tips to drive in the traffic and get all the confidence I needed, after her lesson I start driving everywhere, Annie is the best!
Very helpful and supportive
My driving Instructer is Gary, he's been very helpful, he supported me in every session to be a good driver and he also helped me ace my driving test. He managed to make me feel confident about my driving skills. Taking classes with Gary made me more of a disciplined driver who knows exactly how to follow rules and drive safely. I recommend taking classes with Gary to anyone who's looking for a great driving instructer who happens to be both friendly and professional.
Really professional
Instructors are pleasant and really professional.
Five stars!!
I am completely satisfied with my experience with this traffic school-- My instructor Gary was friendly and accommodating right from the start, and thanks to his patience and good teachings, I passed my driving test on my first attempt!
This company is very professional and trustworthy
I took my 4 hour drug & alcohol test online with metro. I ran into so issues with my log in by they fixed it right away. I also signed up for driving lessons with Angie, she was amazing. Angie was very patient and knowledgeable. She gave me some really good helpful driving tips. I passed my drivers test on the first try.
Perfect for nervous learners
My driving instructor Amy is the sweetest person ever. She's fun to talk to, accommodating to your schedule, and is perfect with nervous learners. She really knows how to make you feel good about progress but she doesn't push you too hard if your stressed, a great balance.
Thanks for a fantastic job.
Very grateful, HIGHLY recommend
Jeff Steffen was an EXCELLENT instructor for my 17 year old daughter who is getting ready for her driving test. His patience , kind manner and detailed instructions have made her feel confident and ready for the test. She learned more with Jeff in two lessons than in a year's worth of driving with me!
I just did my driving test and I ace it.
My instructor name is Gary. He is very patient and Knowledgeable. This Accomplishment starts with a great instructor. To a new beginning! I highly recommend this school and Gary..
The best driving school I've had!
My instructor, Gary, was very polite and very helpful with helping me critique my driving skills. I was a new driver but now I'm very confident in my abilities.
Wonderful Experience
My husband and I recently came from another country where we were accustomed to driving on the left side of the road. With Jeff's instructions and patience we were able to pass our driving test easily. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to acquire a driver's license.
Metro Traffic School is excellent
My instructor was Steve Bowe, and he taught me everything that I needed to know for the test. He explained the maneuvers very well, having me take notes, which helped a lot. I would recommend Metro Traffic School to anyone.
Very good school
We had contacted Metro Traffic School for our 19 year old son who needed more practice time. His instructor, Amy Ryder was excellent in helping him brush up on his confidence. He took the six hour class and has improved tremendously. Thank you, Amy! We highly recommend them.
Metro is the way to go
My experience with Metro has been a very good one. My instructor is Amy and she has made my lessons a wonderful experience. She is kind and has an excellent teaching technique. Metro is the way to go.
Five star service
Driver Annie was very friendly, on time and very helpful. We recommend Metro traffic school to everybody.
Very kind and helpful
I recently got a speeding ticket and elected the option for traffic school, due to my hectic work schedule, i was not able to attend an in person class so online was the best option for me. I contacted metro Traffic school to help enroll me for the class. They were very kind and helpful. They explained the process and ensured me that they would help in any way possible. I would use metro for their service again!
I recommend Metro Traffic School!
Got my first ticket in the 10 years i have been driving. I did not want to have points in my license so I took the traffic course in person with Jose Martinez. Excellent professor really learned a lot I certainly did not know and he kept it really light, so I barely felt the 4 hours. If I ever get another ticket, I would take this class again! And if you need your must him go once. I recommend Metro Traffic School 100 percent!
Very convenient!!
I could not find a school that was accommodating to my schedule so i took the online drug and alcohol course to get my license. I usually don't do well sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time just reading as it tend to get distracted very easily. so it was good that they had an audio option, it made time go by faster. As soon as i finished i was able to print the certificate from the page. Very convenient!!
Thank you Metro!!!
I recently moved to Florida for school. i had no driving experience at all. I was recommended to Metro by some friends to take driving classes. Just had a few lessons, took my practice exam and passed on the very first try!!! Thank you Metro!!!
I passed!!!
I recently turned 16 and wanted to take some driving lessons before getting my license. I did my lessons with Bob and it went just great. I was able to practice on the highway and did not feel nervous at all. After that he took me to the DMV gave me some practice before the test and I passed!!!
Metro traffic school is the best!
I just had an 8 hour driving lessons with Herman and totally satisfied with the teaching quality. They provided the car for the lessons and exam. Because my English is at beginner level, I was really worried about the exam, but thanks to Herman, I easily passed the test. He was really friendly, professional and patient. He explained the rules slowly so I found it easy to understand. And he was always on time and texted to remind about the time. Definitely recommend Metro traffic school and Herman.
Friendly, patient and nice
I had 10-hour driving lessons with Herman and he was amazing. Not only the way he taught was easy to understand but also he was really friendly, patient and nice. He knew what I was lack of and how to improve. He even bought me and other students drinks. Strongly recommend Metro traffic school and Herman!
Metro Traffic was a good investment. My driving instructor was wonderful. He was patient and very thorough during the lessons. He made me feel at ease and very comfortable. The vehicle they provided was easy to maneuver and I felt safe driving it. I now feel really confident driving on the road and highways. I would definitely recommend him and the school to anyone looking to obtain a driver's license.
Very grateful!
I am absolutely satisfied with my classes in Metro Traffic School! My isntructor Annie was very professional, patient and very supportive! I learned a lot and feel very grateful!
Five stars for Annie!!!!!!!
I was so nervous about learning to drive. I searched for a while for a traffic school that seemed perfect. I finally settled on Metro. My classes with my instructor Annie were absolutely amazing, and she made me feel so comfortable and calm on the road! Thanks to her I passed my driving test and got my license, and I have a newfound confidence on the road that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else! I would recommend her to everyone learning to drive if I could. Five stars for Annie!!!!!!!
Great traffic school
I have just started using Metro Traffic School, and I must say, they are pretty good. The instructor I had was truly amazing, and showed me what I had to do on one of my first times ever operating a car. They teach you the step by step processes the skills that you need to pass your driving test. It is a great traffic school for the price. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.
Efficient and professional
Metro provided my son with first time driving lessons and The Drug and Alcohol course. The staff was efficient and professional. I had limited expectations based on the reviews here on yelp, but to my pleasant surprise the experience was great! I will say I was not looking forward to my teen getting on a car without a family member, but in the end it was the best scenario for all of us. I typically do not recommend or share because I do NOT want to. E responsible for someones disenchantment however I did share Metro's info with a fellow mom.

Metro Traffic School is proud to provide customer service via Live Chat, Phone and Email. We have some of the highest customer service ratings in Florida.

Metro Traffic School
4.9 out of 5 with worst rating 4, based on 60 user ratings out of 60 reviews.

Superb Customer Service

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