Florida Driver's Handbook 2012 for the florida driving test

Looking for the Florida Driver Handbook for 2012? Getting ready to take the Florida driving test?
You’ve come to the right place! For your convenience, you will find the free online version of the most recent Official Florida Driver’s Handbook below.

This 2012 Official Florida Driver Handbook is provided by the Florida DMV, and is up-to-date.
The Florida driver’s handbook is your source for all the rules and regulations for Florida drivers. If you are getting your first driver’s license in Florida, the driver handbook is your study guide to prepare you for the Florida driving test.

The Florida driver’s manual below provides basic information to be a safe driver and understand Florida’s traffic laws and regulations.This information, along with practicing responsible safe driving can help protect you, your passengers and other highway users. It will teach you the basic information you will need to know to pass the Florida driving test. By studying the Florida driver’s handbook, you will learn rules of the road, and you will also learn how to be safe on the road.

The Florida Driver's Handbook is available in English and Spanish. You will need the free Adobe Reader to read the free online version of the latest Florida driver’s manual.
Depending on your Internet connection, this Florida driver’s manual may take a few moments to load, so please be patient and give it some time.
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